Review – The Accident



C L Taylor  Avon Books

This gripping thriller details Sue’s struggle to discover why her daughter stepped in front of a bus, leaving her critically ill and comatose in hospital.  Forced to find out more about her daughter’s life than perhaps a mother would usually know, this book highlighted the challenges of parenting in a high tech era.  The stresses on Sue are immense, her mother has dementia, she may or may not recognise Sue when she visits.  Her husband is an MP with secrets of his own…could he know more about his daughter’s distress?  Sue has her own past, with demons lurking in it and the question here is, could they be coming back to haunt her?

May contain minor spoilers….

This thriller of a book, primarily about a mother’s search to understand why her daughter attempted suicide had topical themes of domestic abuse and mental illness in it’s backstory, plus teenage sexuality  Told from 2 distinct time frames, the present day and 20 years previous, when Sue met and fell in love with James.

What struck me most on reflection about this book was the stigma of mental illness and the impact of this, which for Sue meant a level of caution and mistrust around her by those closest to her, a hyper -vigilance and a swift conclusion that anything out of the ordinary in Sue’s behaviour was indicative of relapse.  The impact of this for Sue was extremely frustrating and I found I mirrored this feeling as the reader.  He choices were limited and she was isolated, aware that she was at risk of being hospitalised if she shared her true concerns and anxieties.  The lasting impact of domestic abuse and the legacy of fear was profound as was the repercussion of the emotional impact and control synonymous with domestic abuse.

A decent 4 Star thriller from this popular, contemporary author.

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