Review – The Horse Dancer


Jo Jo Moyes  Hodder Books

14 year old Sophie lives with her Grandpa on a London Estate.  Henri a former rider for the prestigious Cadre Noir is now teaching his Granddaughter the skills of the elite French riders.

Left alone when he falls ill Sophie struggles to manage her life and her horse.  Things don’t drastically improve when she crosses paths with Natasha, a successful solicitor whose circumstances mean she is co-habiting with her estranged husband.

A comprehensive piece of fiction this made for uncomfortable reading at times as Sophie gets into troubling situations and is forced to make impossible choices to maintain her horse and her dreams.

The plot was sound with well formed main characters and a colourful supporting case of loveable rogues and sinister villans.  Two parallel stories were told,  that of Sophie and that of Natasha which became interlinked.  Natasha’s relationship difficulties while at times frustrating allowed for Sophie’s difficulties to go unnoticed, that said some aspects of the plot I found a tad far fetched.

A nice holiday read, not to taxing and rated by me as 3.5 stars, however may disappoint hardcore Moyes fans and probably not her best book for those new to this author.

Happy reading.

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