Review – Camille

Quercus Books 2015

The final instalment of this crime trilogy following investigations of the Brigade Criminelle (equivalent to Homicide / serious crime squad) and specifically Commandant Camille Verhoeven.  Another gripping crime story, like it’s prequels this one does not disappoint.

As the title suggests, this concluding book centres on Camille when an armed robbery leaves Anne Forestier, ‘beaten beyond recognition’ in a hospital bed.  For Camille, this is personal, Anne is the woman he loves and he will do whatever it takes to protect her, especially when it becomes evident that her assailant intends to return and finish the job – by killing Anne.

Flouting various regulations, Camille is out on a limb, isolated by the web of lies he had spun to ensure he was allocated this case, despite a personal interest. The master of  twists, Lemaitre stays true to form and not everything in this book is as it first seems and Camille has to draw upon all his resources to solve this complex crime.

As with Lemaitre’s other pieces of crime fiction, this is a clever, intricately written tale.  Camille is an unlikely hero at 4ft 11″, he is distinctive due to his size, he is sharp and charismatic with a mind perfect for solving crimes.

I’ve enjoyed these books, not least because I rate Pierre Lemaitre highly as a writer.  Reminiscent for me of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy these books have a very decent plot, the crimes are detailed – I have mentioned previously Lemaitre does not shy away from detail, when interviewed by he himself stated…

Obviously a reader of crime fiction expects a violent death or two, otherwise they would probably buy a romance or a book from another genre.

I couldn’t agree more and while I don’t want to read about gratuitous violence, as part of a sophisticated plot I am happy to be shocked now and again.

As a trilogy these books are superb and having read them all, yes – read them in order!  Also if you haven’t yet read Blood Wedding and you like Crime Thrillers then please do, I haven’t reviewed it hear but posted about it on my Instagram feed –

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