Review – The Book of Mirrors

E.O. Chirovici 2017 Penguin Random House

From the front cover –

‘Intelligent and sophisticated…Highly recommended.’  Lee Child

From the back cover –

Princeton, 1987: renowned psychologist Professor Joseph Wieder is brutally murdered.

New York, twenty five years later: literary agent Peter Katz receives a manuscript.  Or is it a confession?

Richard Flynn, a student at Princeton who was working for Professor Wieder at the time of his death sends his partial manuscript to literary agent Peter Katz shortly before his death.  Intrigued by what he has read and knowing there is a market for true crime stories Peter hires a journalist to investigate further.  The murder was unsolved, a cold case and various people are interviewed, each with a different perspective, a different recollection and some aren’t being entirely honest.

The story was engaging and the plot easy to follow, the book was split into 3 sections – Peter – the literary agent who receives the partial manuscript,  John – the journalist, hired by Peter to investigate the story and Roy – a retired detective involved with the original investigation.  Told in this way the information is gathered and this reads very much as a ‘whodunnit’ with hypotheses changing depending on the newest information.

This was a good read in terms of a plot with a mystery being solved but not necessarily gripping or fast paced.  The murder was solved but there were some open ends which were left to the reader to reach their own conclusion.  Personally I prefer a tidy, parcelled up conclusion but this ending was fine.  Smoke and mirrors … everyone has secrets and no one is telling the whole truth.

Not your tense, gripping thriller but a decent read for those looking for a murder mystery to be solved.


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