Review – Behind Her Eyes

Sarah Pinborough 2017 Harper Collins

My first Sarah Pinborough novel, Behind Her Eyes tells the story of Louise, a recently divorced mother of one, lonely and lacking confidence she is horrified to discover the handsome, charming man she met at the weekend is her new boss, Dr David Martin, Psychiatrist at the private clinic where Louise works part time as his secretary.  Purely by chance (or is it…) Louise literally bumps into David’s beautiful wife Adele, similarly lonely, the two become friends.

Enmeshed in their marriage Louise swiftly becomes aware that this beautiful, affluent couple don’t have a marriage to match.  Noticing a sinister side to David and a troubling vulnerability to Adele, Louise gets caught up in this web borne out of lies and finds her self in an untenable position as she struggles to choose between Adele and David.

This clever novel has an intricate plot that draws the reader in, as Louise is drawn into the marriage of David and Adele.  The reader is aware of past, dark secrets which are told through, ‘Then’ chapters scattered through the book, coupled with a notebook given to Louise by Adele explaining how she managed to cure her night terrors – something both women have suffered from.  The writing leads the reader to believing one thing, then a subtle twist takes things off in a different direction.  While I worked out some of the ending the book held some surprises which had me guessing right to the unexpected finale.

There is a, ‘touch of paranormal’ weaved into this book but for me it worked and wasn’t too far out of the realms of belief, so don’t let this put you off picking up this engaging, clever and overall very decent psychological thriller.

‘Lean and mean, dark and disturbing, this is the kind of thriller that takes over your life.’  Joe Hill

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