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Pierre Lemaitre 2017 Maclehose Press

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the latest Pierre Lemaitre novel and deliberately avoided any early reviews prior to reading, having noted Keeper of the Pages experience with spoilers for this book in her review.

Very different to all of the other Lemaitre books I’ve read, which I believe are all the ones translated to English.  This is a clever story centred around the small town of Beauval in France and specifically 12 year old Antoine who we meet as a tragic accident shapes his life forever.

Missing the grit of Lemaitre’s crime fiction this book showcases Lemaitre as the talent he is as he articulates the devastation of this small village struck by catastrophe and the impact on young Antoine and his mother.  Leading to the realisation that the aftermath of that tragic day is everlasting and justice can take many forms.

For those expecting graphic murder scenes this is not that book, but is, in my opinion still a great read with a strong, character driven plot.  Typical of Lemaitre there are twists and turns and at no point did I predict the ending.

A solid 4 star read, which I suspect may appeal to a wider audience as this book moves away from the crime genre largely associated with Pierre Lemaitre.

Happy Reading

2 thoughts on “Review – Three Days and a Life @quercusbooks @Maclehosepress

    1. Thank you for the copy! I deliberately read nothing about the book prior to reading the book except your review so was aware it was much different to his other books, but I did enjoy it, Blood Wedding was one of my books of 2016 and I kind of new it wasn’t going to be at that level and it wasn’t but 4 stars is very good…

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