A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena @sharilapena @TransworldBooks @penguinrandom @penguinRHUK #astrangerinthehouse


Bantam Press 2017

Book Synopsis

Why would you run scared from a happy home?

You’re waiting for your beloved husband to get home from work.  You’re making dinner, looking forward to hearing about his day.

That’s the last thing you remember.

You wake up in hospital, with no idea how you got there.  They tell you that you were in an accident; you lost control of your car whilst driving in a dangerous part of town.

The police suspect you were up to no good.  But your husband refuses to believe it.  Your best friend is not so sure.  And even you don’t know who to believe.

I was not a fan of the debut from this author – The Couple Next Door, but good marketing and publicity compelled me to pick this book up when I saw in it the library and I’m delighted to say it left me very pleasantly surprised.

This book was a quick and engaging read told in the third person narrative.  Tom and Karen are happy, but the car crash Karen is involved in raises a host of questions and exposes secrets Karen can’t explain, she claims to have no recollection of events but is there more at play here than first appears?  Of course there is and with a friendly, well meaning neighbour on hand to help and support, this book was a tasty page turner that concluded with some unexpected twists and turns but tied up very nicely at the end… to my satisfaction!

This story was clever with several veins running through it which served to develop into a multifaceted plot, importantly for me it was plausible.  One of my main struggles with Lapena’s previous book was the plot fundamentally didn’t ring true to me, it didn’t feel authentic.  On the other hand, Stranger in the House was entertaining with a sharp female lead and a strong supporting cast.

A fun, light hearted read in the psychological thriller genre, this book exceeded my expectations and was a perfect page turner as the nights draw in and the temperature drops!

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