The Pier Falls by Mark Haddon @mark_haddon @vintagebooks @penguinRHUK @PenguinUKBooks #the pierfalls #shortstories #markhaddon


2016 Vintage Books

Short stories by the author of A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime and A Spot of Bother caught my eye on a recent library visit.  Rave reviews on the cover…

This is a top-notch collection…It veers into unexpected territory and the evolving surprises are mesmerising… ‘The Pier Falls’ leads the collection.  It is a perfectly controlled little masterpiece…So chilling that one imagines the author could carve out a second career as a horror film scriptwriter’  Lionel Shriver, Financial Times

For me the sharpness and wit in short stories can stand out and this collection was no different.  Covering a range of subjects I was slightly alarmed to discover my favourite 2 stories were on the macabre side.  Wodwu was a terrific story about a mysterious visitor who arrives uninvited on Christmas Eve and demands to play a deadly game with devastating consequences.   The Weir, the last story in the book was another favourite about a man who saves a saves a woman’s life while out walking his dog, this took an uneasy turn but concluded this set of short stories with a warm and pleasing end.

With 9 stories in total, this collection is varied and easy to dip into with stories ranging in length from 30 to 120 pages.  Good for me while reading The Secret History as a group read as I tend to be monogamous in my reading but like to read daily which doesn’t always fit when participating in a readalong.  Every time I read short stories and this collection is no exception, lucky for me I recently bought the Tom Hanks collection.

Happy reading!


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