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I’m delighted to be on the Bloodhound Books blog tour for Divine Poison by A B Morgan, the blurb drew me in so here it is –


For a community psychiatric nurse, Monica Morris has an unhealthy interest in poison, and when, on impulse, she buys an antique Ship’s Doctor’s Cabinet with a set of leather bound journals she becomes fascinated by the content.

A few days later, she discovers the body of her patient, Jan Collins, and although police assume suicide by overdose, Monica is not convinced.

When more unexplained deaths involving poisoning occur, Monica realises they are linked and so does DS Adams who is investigating.  But how are they connected?  And Why?

When it becomes obvious that she’s unwittingly stepped into a trap set for someone else, Monica’s career, her own sanity and her life are placed at risk.  But where can she turn to for help?

This is a detailed novel with a comprehensive plot which I don’t think is necessarily captured in the synopsis.  Monica is a community psychiatric nurse who stumbles into this mystery following the apparent suicide of her client, which coincides with her successfully bidding for the Ship’s Doctors Cabinet plus journals.  However this piece of  crime fiction covers a broad spectrum and while the mental health aspect is crucial for the authenticity of suicide and psychosis it is not central to the plot.  A terrific read for fans of conspiracy theories this plot had everything from missing fingers to the Freemasons and lots in between.  For me there was perhaps a little too much going on and I don’t think this was helped by me reading it on my kindle, personally I find books where I might want to check back, easier in the physical form.  That said, this book finished well, with a tidy conclusion but then a twist at then end which left things open again which I liked a lot.  I was undecided while reading the book who was on which side and this was mirrored in the protagonist’s investigation, with several characters having secrets and unclear allegiances.

Overall an engaging read with a detailed plot with touches of The Da Vinci Code on a more local scale and with a strong female psychiatric nurse turned investigator.

About the Author

Alison Morgan started writing a couple of years ago to address that niggling question: could she write a book?  The answer was a simple yes.  She had to retire from the NHS a little earlier than planned, but has discovered a new passion.  Writing.  Her debut novel, A Justifiable Madness, was published by Bloodhound Books in September 2017 attracting great reviews for its refreshing premise and dark humour.  With two further novels being published at the beginning of 2018, it seems Alison has a promising future as an author.  Divine Poison is the second novel to feature Monica Morris, a mental health nurse, as the main protagonist in this crime mystery, but there are no plans for a series.  The Camera Lies, steps away from the field of nursing into the world of real crime documentary films.

Alison lives with her husband Andy and their dog Sadie, in a small village north of Bedford.  She’s not the type to let life get in the way of adventure and so, always up for the next challenge, she decided to have a proper midlife crisis and learn how to ride a motorbike.  In August she passed, first time.  Her husband was impressed until she swung her leg over his prized Triumph and roared off with a big grin on her face.  ‘Research for the next book,’ she cried.  The fourth book is under construction and does indeed feature motorbikes.


Alison Morgan: writes under the name AB Morgan


Facebook @ABMorganwriter

Twitter @AliMorgan2304

Catch the rest of the Blog Tour here –

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My thanks again to Sarah Hardy at Bloodhound Books for organising this tour and providing me with a digital copy of the book.


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