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Headline Publishing Group 2017

The second book in the Pendulum Trilogy continuing where Book 1 left off.


Hiding off-grid after exposing the shadowy Pendulum conspiracy, Wallace is horrified to discover he is still marked for death.


DI Patrick Bailey is still reeling from the murder investigation that nearly cost him his life.  FBI Agent Christine Ash is hunting a serial killer with a link to an unfinished case.


The death of a London journalist triggers an investigation that brings them back together, hurling them into the path of an unknown enemy.


Hunted across the world, they are plunged into a nightmare deadlier than they could have ever imagined.

I read Pendulum last January having bought my signed copy from Goldsboro Books (link here) and read it with the Instagram, Criminally Good Book Club, link here.   Pendulum was fastpaced and trust me, Freefall maintains the sprint!  Within 50 pages Adam Hamdy had introduced a highly original and truly horrendous murder weapon which literally gave me goosebumps!

The familiar main protagonists, John Wallace, Patrick Bailey and Christine Ash all return, trying to rebuild their lives post Pendulum with varying degrees of success and are thrust back together when it becomes clear the Pendulum nightmare is far from over and contrary to popular belief, Pendulum was not a lone ranger.  The three afore mentioned characters are incredibly likeable as they join forces to fight the battle against crime but also for their lives.  With the Pendulum idealogy having a far greater reach, the now familiar Pendulum costume pops up often in book 2 as clearly the scheme has penetrated government organisations and high profile figures.  Who can be trusted and whose side is anyone on?  Set on a global scale, spanning continents this book encompasses the global, electronic, modern world.  Highlighting the shortcomings of our modern digital world, where nothing is private but much is hidden, this book is forward thinking and once again highlights the downfall of our high tech era.

This book is action packed entertainment from cover to cover, much like its predecessor this is best enjoyed by suspending disbelief and experiencing the thrill of the ride as that’s what this book is.  Recommended reading and I for one, am looking forward to part 3!

A word of note, this is a trilogy and I would highly recommend reading Pendulum first, having finished that book a year ago, I did refer back to remind myself of the story so far, the plot is detailed and the back story highly relevant.

‘One of the Best Thrillers of the Year’ James Patterson

Special thanks to the author, Adam Hamdy for sending me a signed copy of this book, which perfectly matches my signed copy of Pendulum!

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