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Published February 22nd Headline Books

Book Description

On a summer day in 1988, two extraordinary things happen to twelve-year-old Maeve Donnelly.  First, she is kissed by Daniel, the boy of her dreams.  Then, she is attacked by a shark.

Eighteen years later, Maeve is a world-travelling biologist, swimming with the animals that once threatened her life.  She is on the brink of a relationship with a fellow diver.  Yet, as she returns to the idyllic island where she grew up, she is haunted by memories of Daniel, her first love, and what might have been.

A meeting with a sweet six-year-old girl fascinated by sharks draws Maeve back into Daniel’s life.  Suddenly she’s awash in old feelings.  Will she forgive Daniel for the mistakes of their youth?  Or will she open her heart to Nicholas, the handsome colleague who shares her passion for the ocean.

Set against the glorious backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico, THE SHARK CLUB is a bittersweet story about the power of forgiveness and the promise of true love.

 The title alone made this book appealing to me, I like marine life and am fascinated by Sharks, insofar as I would love to see them in the wild, along with Whales, I’ve been lucky enough to see Dolphins and Turtles which has been bucket list amazing!

In line with my expectations this book was wonderful, set mostly in Florida, the ocean and beach scenes had me dreaming of a sunnier climate than England in February!  Ann Kidd Taylor created the best hotel ever for us bookish folk!  Located on the beach – every room is named after an author and has a quote from said author scribed on the wall of the room.  How appealing is that?  It has more fabulous quirks but you’ll have to read the book to discover them!

As the blurb suggests this is Maeve’s story, her memories of her love with Daniel – was he the one?  Their relationship ended abruptly, lacking closure and preventing Maeve from moving on.  Circumstances bring them together again, but is this just for nostalgic reasons or is this true love?  Living with her Grandmother and twin brother in the aforementioned hotel, Maeve studies and tags Floridian sharks, when her work doesn’t take her to far away seas on research trips.  A vicious attack on the Floridian shark population gives this book a moral angle and creates depth (no pun intended!) making this an entertaining but informative read as Maeve seeks to avenge the criminal activity against the shark population.

This was a light read which I thoroughly enjoyed, that said it encompasses love, loss and second chances, grief and criminal behaviour – which without any spoilers details a barbaric practice which is usefully highlighted here.  The descriptions of the sea, beach and hotel had me dreaming of hot, idyllic climates and I appreciated the escapism this book offered!  The characters were well developed, I particularly liked Maeve, the story is told from her viewpoint, in her voice and her passion for sharks is well conveyed.  I sympathised with her difficult romantic dilemmas but was pleased with her decisions and the conclusion of this book.

A delicious summer read‘  Redbook

I don’t doubt this would make a delicious summer read, but it also made a great winter read too!

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