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img_5110Published 2016 by Headline Publishing Group as an Ebook

Book Description

Embedded with the British Army in Afghanistan, recording the devastation that the war on terror has bought to the country, photo-journalist John Wallace’s endurance is about to be put to the ultimate test.

A planned assault on an insurgent compound has gone wrong with devastating consequences.  Now Wallace has only one option if he is going to get justice for those involved.  He can expose those responsible.  But to do that, he will have to RUN…

A prequel to Pendulum, which I had previously read and enjoyed along with the second book, Freefall – the point being clearly I am slightly out of synch here!  That said this is a fine introduction to John Wallace – our reluctant hero from the Pendulum trilogy (a third book is in progress I believe), detailing the events that unwittingly contributed to the initial Pendulum attack.

As a short story this worked incredibly well.  My main criticism of the Pendulum and Freefall books is how incredibly fast paced they are, to an extent that I struggle to keep up and have to refer back.  I do think that is a reflection on the author’s background as a screenwriter and I have commented before that these books would transfer so well to the big screen.  Pendulum and Freefall are both action packed, Run while still fast paced, is a short story and at only 90 pages, details one event with a fixed cast of characters making it an easier, but equally entertaining read.

I enjoyed catching up with John Wallace again and while I always recommend reading book series’ in order, this wasn’t a problem.  The familiarity of the character and an awareness of the circumstances, albeit without the detail felt very welcoming and made me realise how much I am looking forward to the final book in this exciting trilogy!

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