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Book Description

D I Gus McGuire and his team are called in to investigate the disappearance of a teenage boy after his parents return from a weekend away, to find their home trashed and their son missing.

But that is just the beginning.

As the investigation unfolds, Gus must discover what links a violent bikers’ gang, a Muslim youth group and a fundamentalist American based Christian church.

Alongside this, two cases from the past come back to haunt DI Gus McGuire and his DS Alice Cooper.

Gus has a lot to juggle, but will he cope?

Uncommon Cruelty is the fourth in the DI Gus McGuire series set in Bradford, West Yorkshire and is a gritty, Northern Noir read.

My thoughts

A welcome return to Bradford and a stronger DI Gus McGuire in the 4th book in this Northern based crime series.  With a familiar supporting cast investigating a teen party gone wrong, this book hit the ground running as the crimes multiplied.  Similar to the previous book, this book was written in ‘real time’ which I liked a lot, furthermore the author captured the demands and pressures of policing with the introduction of several ‘sub plots’ on the periphery.

The storyline of this book was excellent, carrying a lot of detail which flowed well with coincidences emerging which linked the crimes.  You will note the blurb refers to a missing teen and I am referencing crimes, yes, this is so much more than a missing teen but in a spoiler free review I’m not telling!  However, believe me when I say this is a solid piece of crime fiction with a detailed plot which kept me entertained through to the final words.  Hardhitting at times and not shying away from the darker aspects of life, this book incorporated a range of themes, including corruption, gangs, abuse and trauma.  Fast paced with a chapter per day and sub chapters for different points in time on any given day.  Written in the third person with a first person voice in an Unknown Location interspersed throughout the story, revealing details as the plot unfolded.

This is the 4th in the series, I have also read and enjoyed the 3rd book.  Like most great crime fiction, the series relates to the the main character of DI Gus McGuire and his team and while reading the series in order provides the back story for these characters, in my opinion this book and the last could both be read as standalone crime stories.  That said, DI McGuire is an extremely likeable and engaging main character with a significant past, his family feature in this series and I’ve enjoyed meeting him again in Book 4!

About the Author

img_5328Liz writes crime fiction set in Bradford, West Yorkshire.  The DI Gus McGuire series is gritty Northern Noir with a bit of Scottish thrown in.  She is currently researching for a Ph.D in creative writing in Creative Writing at Leeds Trinity University.  As part of her Ph.D she is researching how the teen killer’s voice is portrayed in the adult crime fiction novel with specific reference to the influence of teen social media usage, with a view to writing a crime fiction novel around these issues.

Liz also teaches creative writing, specialising in crime fiction and is a regular panellist at literary festivals throughout the UK.  She enjoys reading her work at Open Mic and Noir at the Bar events.  She was chosen to be one of the spotlighted authors at the Bloody Scotland crime writing festival in 2016.  She is the lead blogger for the well renowned crime fiction blog The Crime Warp which reviews contemporary, mainly UK based, crime fiction, comments on current issues around the genre and creative writing in general and interviews authors on a regular basis.

She is available to comment on current issues around creative writing in general and crime fiction in particular and to speak at local and national festivals and conferences.

She is contactable on –

Facebook – @LizMistrybooks

Email –

Twitter – @LizCrimeWarp

Blog –

Website –

This is Bloodhound books Blog Blitz so huge thanks to Sarah Hardy for organising, inviting me to be involved and providing me with a digital copy of the book.  Do check out the rest of the Blitz, details below.


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