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img_5256Published by Wild Fire an imprint of Headline Publishing Group April 2018

Book Description

On the streets of London, a vicious killer is using social media to turn murder into entertainment…

I, Killer has posted two photos of his first victim online – Before Death and After Death.  They’ve gone viral before DCI Fenton’s team discovers the body

Soon, another victim’s photo appears … and so begins the killer’s following.

Fenton is determined to uncover the identity of I, Killer before another innocent life is claimed.  Then the case takes a dark turn, and Fenton’s search becomes a matter of life or death for him and his young daughter.

But as I, Killer’s body – count rises, his number of followers is growing.  And he loves to give his fans what they want…

A contemporary piece of crime fiction that with its fast paced plot had me gripped from the outset.  A cop with a connection to the crimes is removed from the investigation and turns maverick alongside a traumatised journalist whose girlfriend was the killer’s first victim.  Sounding good?  Yep it was.  Alongside the police investigation, which lacked speed and direction, Fenton and his sidekick Black bend the rules to achieve results, while I, Killer stirs up a frenzy on social media.

Pressured to outpace the killer this book is fast and entertaining.  The plot is sound and the author captures the voyeuristic and sometimes macabre nature of social media platforms.  Told in the third person from several points of view, interjected with 1st person narrative of the killer, this technique offers the reader insight into the killer’s mind, whilst not revealing their identity.  Short chapters combined with the gripping story make this book difficult to put down.

A highly enjoyable piece of fiction in the crime / psychological thriller genre.

About the Author

img_5436Max Manning worked as a crime reported for several years before moving to Fleet Street, where he worked on several international newspapers – including the Daily Telegraph, where he was news sub-editor for sixteen years.

Max is now a full-time writer living in Essex.  He is married and has three grown-up children.

This is a blog tour, special thanks to Phoebe Swinburn at Headline Books for arranging this tour and providing a copy of the book.



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