Without Consent by Sid Spencer @mr_sidspencer @annecater #Withoutconsent


Book Description

A childhood in the care system, a boarding school in the remote countryside, a boy forgotten and abused.

This is the true story of how I, as a small boy, went from my neglectful, volatile parents, to controlling, uncaring foster carers and to a boarding school rife with sexual abuse, perpetrated by the adults there.

Experience the court trial, the fear of having to face my abuser, my fight to be believed and the final outcome.

This is a story of hope, of strength and of justice.  This is a story that, sadly, too many children experience.

This is a story that should never have to be told by anyone again.

25% of ALL sales will be donated to Survivors UK

This is a short personal memoir detailing the authors experiences within the care system.  A difficult start in life continued throughout childhood and adolescence.  I hold great admiration for people who choose to share their stories of adversity and abuse.  The memoirs strike me as challenging to write and incredibly brave and this one is no exception.

Within this book what struck me most was the vivid description of a culture of abuse within his boarding school, with the predatory, grooming and abusive behaviours by adults paid to look after the children in their care considered normal and joke worthy.  The author makes the point several times in the book about the harmful nature of humour when talking about abuse, particularly notable in high profile celebrity cases of child sexual abuse and it struck me after reading how although these undoubtedly offensive jokes may seem harmless, they do serve to allow this behaviour to continue, albeit in a small way.  I was left dwelling on the factors that served to enable the abuse to continue and more importantly what stopped those who were aware, from taking action to stop it.

Sid Spencer writes a book of hope and survival, while being brutally honest about the abuse he endured and the impact this has had and continues to have on him.  This was a sad memoir with a hopeful theme, but I echo the authors sentiments when he states, this story shouldn’t continue to be told, the abuse needs to stop.

This book was independently published and while well written, would benefit from further editing.  That said it is an accessible and enlightening read for those wishing to gain insight into survivor’s stories of child sexual abuse.

Author Bio

img_5167Sid Spencer has been a father since 2010 when, with his husband, they fostered and adopted two children.

Sid soon realised that in order to help his two children to heal, he needed to help then boy that he was to heal as well.

Sid lives in West Sussex where he writes, paints and is the dad at home.



This is a blog tour and today is the last stop.  Many thanks to Anne Cater for organising and providing  an E copy of the book.  Check out the rest of the tour here.


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