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Book Description

COW (N) /kao/ A piece of meat; born to breed; past its sell-by-date; one of the herd.

Three women.  A whole world of judgement.

Tara, Cam and Stella are very different women.  Yet in a society that sets the agenda, there’s something about being a woman that ties invisible bonds between us.

When one extraordinary event rockets Tara to online infamy, their three worlds collide in ways they could never imagine – and they discover that one woman’s catastrophe might just be another’s inspiration.

Through friendship and conflict, difference and likeness, they’ll learn to find their own voices.

Because sometimes it’s OK not to follow the herd.

My Thoughts

Having not read anything by Dawn O’Porter I was unsure what to expect, except that this was a book about women that had had positive comments over on Instagram.  Reason enough to read it I think, but actually this was a sharp, witty, sometimes shocking, sometimes sad but always brilliant book in my opinion.

Following the lives of 3 women, living their lives…as women.  Shining a light on the everyday sexism women experience, the comments and opinions about private matters that become public fodder because they concern women.  The book really successfully highlights these issues – often small, often unnoticed, so much so that at times I stopped and thought, ‘yeah, that happened to me.’  And all that before the extraordinary event that happens to Tara and drives the book, linking the characters and telling their stories.

The event is shocking, but I was so impressed in how the author detailed the aftermath and the character of Tara, finding strength from Cam in understanding that what had happened wasn’t that bad and certainly did not justify the reaction it evoked, although I am in doubt the event was depicted as an accurate reflection of what would happen in such a situation.  Intrigued – I hope so!

This isn’t a book necessarily about women being united and ideals associated with that perspective, but rather about all women living their lives and trying to find their own paths.  And in doing so not always treating other women well.  It is about the experience of being a woman and the expectation placed on this role by society at large.  As the blurb indicates – the pressure to reproduce and the opinions and judgement attached to that – if, how and when women choose to have children.  But also the pressure on women to only reveal their best self, hiding other parts for the comfort of others.

Written from the perspectives of 3 different women, all in the first person this serves to cover a ‘spectrum of femaleness’ in terms of experiences and emotions, relationships with men, family, friends and others.  They have unique stories, very different from each other, although their paths do cross.  This was an engaging read, a page turner that I struggled to put down.

I knew I wanted to read this but was surprised how much I loved it as an entertaining piece of fiction about being a woman.


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