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Headline books  E Book 12th July 2018 Paperback 10th January 2019

Book Description

What would you do it you woke up and didn’t know who you were?

Chloe Daniels regains consciousness in hospital with no memory of how she got there.  She doesn’t recognise the strangers who call themselves family.  She can’t even remember her own name.

What if your past remained a mystery?

As she slowly recovers, her parents and sister begin to share details of her life.  The successful career.  The seaside home.  The near-fatal car crash.  But Chloe senses they’re keeping dark secrets – and her determination to uncover the truth will have devastating consequences.

What if the people you should be able to trust are lying to you?

My thoughts

I really liked Michelle Adams debut novel, My Sister (review here) so was delighted to have the opportunity to read an early copy of Between the Lies and be a part of this blog tour.

The book description tells you what you need to know, Chloe is recovering from a serious road traffic accident and is recuperating at her parents’ house.  Her memory is hugely impaired and she has no real recollection of her life prior to the crash.  What the blurb doesn’t tell you is how sinister this story actually is.  Dependent on her family for support and care, plus rediscovering herself, Chloe is reliant on her parents to help her recall who she is.  The problem of course is what if they don’t want to tell the whole story.  And this is where the story is really clever, because is it so bad to neglect to reveal some negative aspects of the past, to omit some details, those parts of your daughter’s life that you were never that keen on?  Especially if it is for the best, doing it for Chloe…

Needless to say this made uncomfortable reading in parts, like Chloe, I was also unsure at times of the motivations of those not being honest.  And then the plot, Chloe is determined to piece things together and as she recovers, bit by bit she discovers what happened, the events leading up to the accident and in this way her story is revealed.

A really great book with strong characterisation and a gripping plot that raises some incredible moral questions, which I think would be terrific for any book group discussion.  Michelle Adams, in her second book has demonstrated not only her skill in writing tense psychological thrillers but also really getting to grips with family dynamics with her willingness to cross to the darker side of family life and explore all that there is to find.  Recommended reading by me.

About the Author


Michelle Adams grew up in the UK and now lives in Cyprus, where she works as a part-time scientist.  She read her first Stephen King novel at the tender age of nine, and has been addicted to suspense fiction ever since.  BETWEEN THE LIES is her second novel following the acclaimed psychological thriller MY SISTER.

This is a blog tour and the details of the rest of the stops are below.  Thanks again to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for inviting me to be involved and many thanks to Headline Books for the copy of the book.


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