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I have a treat for you today folks, not only is this my usual review but author Janie Millman has kindly written a fantastic piece about Character Inspiration.  You’ll read my thoughts on this book below, but I will say the characters were fabulous and they came alive, certainly for me and when I read Janie’s piece it all made sense.  Read on…

Book Description

With a rich cast of characters, beautiful locations and an ending that will make you smile, Sky’s the Limit is a perfect feel-good summer read.

Sky is devastated when she finds her husband is in love with someone else, even more that it is her oldest friend Nick.  She has lost the two most important men in her life and can’t ever trust either of them again.

To escape, she goes alone on a dream trip to Marrakesh and meets Gail, on  a mission to meet the father of her child, a man she loved but thought did not want her.

In Marrakesh, Sky and Gail both find unexpected joys – and surprises.  For Sky these lead to France, to a beautiful chateau and a family whose relationships seem as complicated as her own.

My Thoughts

Oh my!  What to say about this book… a glorious summer read with stunning descriptions making the beautiful locations in Morocco and France almost tangible.  With fabulous characters, all interesting, beautiful and divine in the Moroccan Riad and the French Chateau this book was a marvellous piece of escapism.  The glamourous locations and the charismatic personalities made this book a joy to read.

A story of Sky’s recovery following the revelation that her husband and her best friend have fallen in love.  With luck, Sky meets Gail also on a journey of discovery, driven to find the father of her child following overhearing her sister make some disparaging remarks about her boring lifestyle.  A warm and supportive friendship quickly forms as their paths continue to cross.

Interestingly written with Sky’s story told in the first person, while the rest of the book is written in the third person.  The chapters are interspersed so the reader follows the story from different perspectives, though always aware of Sky’s thoughts and feelings.  While there are some sad themes, this book is about a wonderfully supportive and kind group of people that feels incredibly warm.  This is an uplifting read with an ethos of healing and recovery at it’s heart.  It felt incredibly inspired, although I wondered if some readers would find this unrealistic, but as a work of fiction I felt it had positive messages from strong characters which we could all gain from and I found it to be a wonderful read.

Relatively short chapters make this book accessible and although nearly 400 pages, I found it to be a relatively quick read.  The characterisation is particularly strong and as mentioned previously this fits with Janie’s description of her Character Inspiration below, for me the characters very much came alive.

An author I had not previously read before, but one I will definitely read again.  Recommended by me.

Character Inspiration by Janie Millman

Both Sky’s The Limit and my first book Life’s A Drag have a cast of colourful characters and I am often asked where I get my inspiration from.

I find that the best way to write a novel is to pretend that you are not writing one. The moment I sit at my blank computer screen and attempt to write the first sentence it all turns ugly. My characters are two-dimensional with the personalities of a dead trout and the plot is a guaranteed cure for insomnia.

But the minute I start to do something else, the minute I stop trying to write, then it becomes a very different story. Then the characters mill around me all talking at once, shouting and vying for attention like a crowd of hopeful auditionees.

The more I pretend not to listen the more desperate they are to be heard. I hear all about their hopes and aspirations when I am walking the dog; they confide their sinful secrets to me as I swim; they distract me as I drive; in the garden they giggle, glad to have someone to gossip with and if I ever did any housework then I’m sure they would rabbit on to me then too.

And all the time I feign complete disinterest.

Occasionally they introduce me to their friends or family who sometimes have a more interesting story to tell and then they are forced to skulk in the sidelines cursing their stupidity at relinquishing the main role.

But nighttime is the worst: they never let me sleep, they prise open my eyelids, they plead with me, they flirt, they try to force me to listen but ignoring their demands I roll over and pull the pillow over my head.

And then in the early hours when I am sure they have given up, when their voices are silent, I slip downstairs. Very quietly, so as not to disturb them, I make myself a large mug of tea with a hefty glug of whisky for good measure – OK so the whisky is a lie, but it’s a thought eh? I sit down and gingerly open my computer. I hold my breath for a second and then laugh out loud with joy because the screen is no longer blank. Just as I had hoped and prayed my characters and their stories are all waiting there. They are beckoning me and urging me to start. The screen is alive with possibilities.

My head hums, my fingers itch and my heart beats fast. I touch the keyboard and the magic begins. I am not implying that I am magic, I am talking about the magic of make believe.

About the Author

img_6361Janie Millman is an actress, writer and co-owner of Chez Castillon.
She met Mickey, her husband, playing romantic leads in a summer season of comedies at The Little
Theatre, Sheringham, on the Norfolk coast. Both actors for more than twenty years, their roles have
ranged from Ninja Turtles, to acting in Olivier Award-winning stage productions and working on-screen
with Hollywood stars.
Although still acting, Janie is now concentrating on writing. Her debut novel, Life’s A Drag, was published
first in July 2015 by Accent Press and went on to receive highly acclaimed reviews.
It was then rebranded by The Dome Press and republished in February 2017.
Janie’s next book with The Dome Press, Sky’s the Limit, will be published in August 2018.

Social Media Links

Twitter: @ChezCastillon


This is a blog tour so special thanks to Dome Press for inviting me to participate and providing me with a copy of the book.  Do check out what others are saying about this book, details below.


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