National Geographic Almanac 2019 @tlcbooktours #almanac2019



Book Description

A one-of-a-kind annual featuring surprising facts, stunning colour photos, arresting infographics, and illuminating maps that present the world in a whole new way.

An almanac like you’ve never seen before, this arresting volume features key information on science, nature, history, and geography, spiked with cutting-edge ideas and spectacular visuals.  Discover features that only National Geographic can deliver, including exquisite photography, explanatory infographics, illustrated timelines, and maps created by expert cartographers.  Chapters include Exploration & Adventure, This Planet & Beyond, Life on Earth, and The Science of Us; featured topics range from the polar jet stream and how chameleons change colours to the world’s biggest cities and the science of addiction. It includes top travel trends, new explorations, and recent discoveries, as well as fascinating trivia.  Enlightening for young and old, exquisitely designed, each page of this special almanac reveals something new about today’s world.

My Thoughts

As a follower of National Geographic on Social Media and with an interest in travel, wildlife and our world, imagine my delight at being asked to be part of this blog tour!

This truly is a beautiful book that will engage the whole family, a coffee table book that we will dip in and out of.  The book description says it all, words can do it no further justice – trust me this book is beautiful!

img_8042Tempting me with magnificent places to visit, accompanied by beautiful imagery such as this.





It has quizzes!! Who doesn’t love a quiz?  Entertaining img_8043and engaging I wonder if this book may also act as a revision guide for my teen, doing his GCSEs in Geography, History and Triple Science!  I think it might!






If you’re not already following any of the National Geographic Team on Social Media, you can see what you are missing – for anyone interested in nature photography this is a must.



And finally I was impressed with the sections on the environment, we knew they would be there, but the fact is that most people ( including myself) are still not there – where we should be in taking steps to preserve our world.  With sections on sustainable travel, plastics, endangered species and rising sea levels this book, in bite size sections covers everything, always accompanied by spectacular pictures.

This is a blog tour and I realise I have gushed just a tad about this book.  As I said I am a fan of National Geographic and I think this book makes their work more accessible to a wider range of people.  This book will be a coffee table book in our home, where we can peruse at leisure, separately or together.  I do think it would make an incredible Christmas Present – beautiful and informative.

Thank you to Trish at TLC Book Tours for inviting me to be part of this blog tour – I am delighted to be involved and feel very lucky to be the recipient of such a gorgeous book.  Thank you as always for reading and please tell me in the comments, is this a book you would buy?






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