101 Tiny Changes to Brighten Your Day by Ailbhe Malone @iconbooks @ailbhetross @lovedreadinthis #NonfictionNovember #lifestylebooks

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Book Description

This book believes that you’re worth looking after – even when you don’t.

For anyone with anxiety, struggling to prioritise their mental health, or looking for a tiny bit of encouragement, 101 Tiny Changes to Brighten Your Day is full of friendly, simple tips that will help you shine again.  They come in all shapes and sizes – from tiny pick-me-ups to five-minute turnarounds to total re-adjustments.

My Thoughts

Firstly thank you to the publishers for reaching out via my blog to offer me a copy of this cute book.  Pocket sized and purple and gold in colour it really is a beautiful book and that is before I even mention the endpages – which deserve a picture in their own right!

img_8101But more importantly, let me tell you about the book itself.  As it says on the cover this book is 101 tiny changes that can essentially make life easier from a feeling good perspective.  The author speaks candidly about her own struggles with anxiety and references small changes that over time have helped her, that said she recognises that not all these tips will work for everyone and indeed for some the opposite of the suggestion may be more helpful.  What works is an individual thing.

This book, according to the blurb seems to be marketed predominantly for those struggling with their mental health.  However I am in no doubt there are tips in this small tome that could be helpful and indeed appeal to everyone.

I picked out a couple here that especially appealed to me and could lift me out of a bad mood or relieve those winter blues.

The author talks a lot about things to make life easier on those bad days – having food in, allowing yourself a pyjama day, whatever works.  And for me there was some wisdom there about not beating ourselves up when we’re too tired to prepare a meal, but to have things in place that enable us to look after ourselves on those days, whether that be pre cooked meals in the freezer, a take away menu to hand and essentially not feeling guilty for those choices on those days.  Paradoxically there was also reference to trying to reduce the habits that exist that are less positive.  The theme of this book was about doing what is right for one self and doing things to feel good.

A nice pocket sized book, beautifully presented, packed full of insight into the actions anyone can take to make life a little better.  Thank you again to the publisher for my copy of this book and thanks as always for reading.


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