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Today I want to tell you about a very special event I attended with Clair @alwaysneedmore books.  We were invited to the Soho Hotel for the Transworld Crime Fiction Showcase, 3 key authors were in attendance – Fiona Barton ( The Widow, The Child), Renee Knight (Disclaimer) and debut author Lesley Kara.

Upon arrival we were welcomed into the Library for drinks and canapes, before being taken downstairs to an immensely cool media room to hear the authors speak.

With a discussion facilitated by Patricia Nicol the 3 authors were entertaining and I really enjoying hearing them talking about their books, leaving me in no uncertain terms that these were books I had to read.

The Books

The Suspect by Fiona Barton

img_83442 eighteen year old girls go missing on their gap year in Thailand, probably just having a great time, but their parents know something is amiss.

Journalist Kate Waters returns, in the 3rd book by Fiona Barton, but this time, while she is still desperate to get the story, their is a personal interest, her son, who she hasn’t seen for a couple of years is also away travelling…

Fiona Barton in discussing this book asked the question, ‘how well do we really know our children?’ and course all us mothers in the audience confidently nodded, ‘we know our kids’, but sometimes they do the unbelieveable, the unthinkable…

The Secretary by Renee Knight

img_8345This book was one I had seen around on Twitter a lot and liked the sound of.  Hearing Renee Knight speak she immediately caught my attention when I learnt the 2 key characters are female.  Interesting isn’t it how we fall into gender stereotypes – yes, I though the secretary was female with a male boss!  The question for this book is, ‘who holds the most power in the room?’  Think about it, The Secretary, what does she know? And we know knowledge is power!  Intriguing and another must read!

The Rumour by Lesley Kara

img_8346You hear a rumour, a notorious killer, living under a new identity has moved into your small town.  Do you keep this information to yourself, or do you spread the rumour?  What a premise!  When speaking Lesley Kara referenced Mary Bell and the James Bulger killers – Robert Thompson and Jon Venables.  She spoke about the ongoing attention afforded to children who kill children and the shock and disgust these crimes create – which is  about the perpetrators and not the victim.  This book hugely appeals to me, but I wonder, would you keep the secret… or would you spread the rumour.

Following the talk we returned upstairs to the library for more wine, more delicious canapes and the opportunity to chat, to the authors, to the lovely folk from Transworld and to other lovely bookish people.  It was a delight to meet Alison Barrow, Tom Chicken, Tom Hill and Frankie Gray of Transworld as well as to speak further with Fiona Barton and Lesley Kara.

In summing up, this really was an excellent event, the opportunity to hear the authors speak was brilliant, they each brought their books to life and left me feeling desperate to read each book.  The venue, food and hospitality were all lovely and I honestly don’t think there was anything Transworld could have done to improve the evening!  There were proofs available so I left a happy blogger, knowing about these incredible books, which were in my bag as I made my way home.

Thank you very much Transworld for a perfect evening.  Thank you all for reading and tell me, which of these books should I read first?


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