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img_9647Quercus 2nd May 2019 (Hardback)

Book Description

Set across two continents, Tiger is a sweeping story of survival and redeeming love that plunges the reader into on the of the world’s last wildernesses with blistering authenticity.

Frieda is a primatologist, sensitive and solitary, until a violent attack shatters her ordered world.  In her new role as a zookeeper, she confronts a very different ward an injured wild tiger.

Deep in the Siberian taiga, Tomas, a Russian conservationist, fears that the natural order has toppled.  The king tiger has been killed by poachers and a spectacular tigress now patrols his vast territory as her own.

In a winter of treacherous competition, the path of the tigress and her cub crosses with an Udeghe huntress and her daughter.  Vengeance must follow, and the fates of both tigers and people are transformed.

Learning of her tiger’s past offers Frieda the chance of freedom.  Faced with the savage forces of nature, she must trust to her instinct and, like the tiger, find a way to live in the world.

My Thoughts

First huge thanks to the publisher – Quercus for sending me a beautiful hardback copy of this mesmerising book.  As stated Tiger is set across 2 continents and features 3 distinct stories, the tiger at its centre, the stories’ links emerge as the book progresses.  Beautifully written, the author captures in her writing the majesty of this great, wild animal.

The book begins with Frieda, spiralling out of control following a random, but brutal attack, she loses her job researching primates and finds herself working as a zookeeper caring for the newly arrived tiger – brought into the zoo to mate.  With an inherent interest in animals she is enthralled by the Tiger and forges a close bond with this lethal animal.

In the second part we meet Tomas a lonely Russian conservationist, tracking Tigers in the remote Tiaga region.  Working for his father Tomas treads a delicate line of respecting and observing the Tigers while recognising the political positions of the reserve, including recognition and funding.  Finally we meet hunteress, Edit and her daughter Zina living remotely by choice, deep in the forest, alongside the Tiger, both relying on the land to sustain them.  A satisfactory status quo until their paths cross during a lean and bleak winter when supplies are scarce.

Within this book the Tiger remains the central theme, uniting and eventually drawing these characters together.  That said as the story evolves we learn a lot about this set of well developed characters, the circumstances that have driven them to a life on the edge, relating more to the great wild cat than to other people.

A mesmerising and epic literary novel set between the wilds of Siberia and the UK about mothers, daughters and the wild side of female nature, from the prize-winning author of Larchfield.

Truly an epic literary novel with some strong female protagonists in both the characters and the Tiger known as the Countess.  This book is a compelling read, it draws you into it’s themes of love and loneliness, captured in the characters and the remoteness of their lives.  A book that is hard to put down and at just over 400 pages a relatively quick and glorious read! Recommended by me.

Lots of people are talking about Tiger over the next few days on Social Media celebrating the publication today of this book.  You can check out the accounts below to learn more about this fantastic book.


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