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MacLehose Press 2017

Translated from Swedish to English by George Goulding

Book Description


Salander is confined to the secure unit of a women’s prison, with violence all around her, but for a hacker of her skills there are no boundaries.

She gives Mikael Blomkvist a lead that could give him an important expose for Millennium magazine, an investigation into a sinister experiment that may also unlock the mystery of her harrowing childhood.

The dragon inked into Salander’s back is a constant reminder of her pledge to fight the injustice she finds on every side, and she will discover the truth, whatever the cost.

My Thoughts

I was recently sent a ‘top secret’ sampler pack from the good folk at Quercus for the sixth book in the Millennium series – The Girl who Lived Twice, the final book by David Lagercrantz.  This spurred me along to catch up and read The Girl who Takes an Eye for an Eye, having previously read and reviewed The Girl in the Spider’s Web here.  The original three books I read way before my blogging days so sorry no reviews – but they were brilliant!  I was apprehensive about the Girl in the Spider’s Web as it was a continuation of the original trilogy by Stieg Larsson, if you read my review, you’ll see I shouldn’t have been and I felt it worked well.

The Girl who Takes an Eye for an Eye deserves similar credit and again does justice to the characters created by the aforementioned Stieg Larsson.  Once again we have Lisbeth Salander feeding Mikael Blomkvist titbits of information to follow up, invariably part of a much bigger issue, crime related and linked to Salander.  With a strong moral compass Salander fights for the underdog and this book is no exception.  With some very interesting themes this book was both contemporary and thought provoking.  Salander and Blomkvist are 2 incredible characters, whose lives are clevely intertwined, despite their face to face contact being minimal.

The Girl who Takes an Eye for an Eye sees Salander exploring her past, spurred on by her old advocate Holger Palmgren.  As with all the previous books the reader is largely in the dark as to the direction the book is going, the plot unfolds as the story progresses, and there are a number of characters and plotlines where initially the relevance to the story isn’t clear.  This is something notable in Scandi noir and is a reflection of the intricacy of the plot, however in the most part, as with previous books in the series I have been able to keep track of both the characters and the plot lines.

If I am honest I would like to see some more of the relationship between Salander and Blomkvist, I enjoyed the tension and their smidgen of a romantic relationship much earlier in the series and wonder if this will reoccur – anyone else have any thoughts about this.  In summary this was a very decent 5th book of the series, which I read quickly and enjoyed a lot.  For anyone who isn’t familiar with this series (anyone??) you do need to start at the beginning with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

The Girl who Lived Twice, the next instalment publishes today, I was lucky enough to ger an early copy and am reading currently (not much earlier mind, these were shrouded in secrecy and like gold dust – huge thanks to Quercus / Maclehose Press for the proof copy).  Anyway look out for my review of that book, coming very soon.

About the Author

David Lagercrantz is an acclaimed writer and journalist.  He is the author of the bestselling I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Fall of Man in Wilmslow, a novel inspired by the life and death of Alan Turing.  The Girl in the Spider’s Web, his continuation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy, was published in 2015.  It became a global bestseller, and a major film is in production.

George Goulding was born in Stockholm, educated in England, and spent his legal career working for a London-based law firm.  He is now a translator of Swedish fiction into English.



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