Your Guilty Secret by Rebecca Thornton @RThorntonwriter @zaffreBooks #YourGuiltySecret #BookReview

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Book Description


The top billing of the showbiz pages, we’ve all seen her every morning; over breakfast, on the commute to work.  We know everything about her.  Her perfect relationship with film-star Matthew Raine; her beautiful six-year-old daughter Ava.

So when a terrible incident shatters the family’s carefully constructed façade, a media frenzy ensues.  What happens when the perfect woman  begins to unravel, when her whole life is really just a lie, and she will do anything she can to protect?

My Thoughts

Special thanks to Clair  for passing on her copy of the book to me.  You can find Clair’s blog here – go check it out!

My husband read this book first and wasn’t a huge fan.  Personally I loved this book.  A talent show winner, a reality star, Lara King shares her perfect life for public comsuption.

A compelling read, sinister and seedy.  This contemporary story utilises the world of social media (and yes, bloggers get a look in).  The fantasy world of perfect, portrayed in some showbiz circles – I’m not naming any names but certain people come to mind whilst reading this and I truly felt like I was getting an inside view, behind the scenes of the Insta perfect life!

Written in a now and then format, plus the use of blog posts I thought the writing style was terrific.  Lara’s story is told in the first person and the powerfully highlighted her reliance on ‘her fans’ and her social media persona.

Cynical and sinister in equal measure I think there were lots of references in this book to our current pool of celebrities – if you’ve read this, tell me do you agree?

Taking things to an extreme – can the worse case scenario compel people to be honest and risk their fanbase – their followers, or not?  I was reminded a bit of Ben Elton’s Dead Famous, which raised a similar question – how far will someone go for viewings / likes in the fake world of reality.

Heat magazine described this as ‘gripping’ and I wholly agree.  After all this story could be straight out of the pages of any celebrity gossip magazine.

Yes I recommend this one, in all its salacious glory!

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