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Golden Antelope Press 2020

This is a collection of contemporary poems by Steve Denehan, 140 pages and published by Golden Antelope Press.

My Thoughts

How to review a poetry book? Well firstly thanks to Isabelle Kenyon for reaching out and inviting me to be involved with this blog tour celebrating the publication of this poetry collection and providing me with a finished copy of the book.

I haven’t reviewed a poetry book on here before and actually what better way to share how this book is than with a sample of the poems.

This one will resonate with everyone I am sure –

Into the Third Month
The only outside now
is the virus
dying slowly
the attempt of one virus
to kill another

the antidote was simple in the end
inactivity and isolation
which led to my daughter cutting my hair
into a mohawk
followed by nail polish
I chose purple
I chose black

my face was painted
a spider on one cheek
a flower on the other
a red lightning bolt on one temple
blue star on the other
a purple spiral on my forehead

I wear a hoodie emblazoned
with a taco and a nacho arguing
"Wanna taco 'bout it?"
"It's nacho business!!"
and Aquaman boot-slippers
from morning 'til night
there are bad days
these are good days

The book is full of contemporary poems such as this one, which is not the only one reflecting on 2020 and the pandemic. I like the way books and poetry allow us space to think about what is happening now and this collection does that. Below is another I particularly like, also about the pandemic.

They Said
First, they cancelled all outdoor gatherings
of more than 500 people
and all indoor gatherings
of more than 100 people

then, they reduced it down to 10 people
then, 4 people
2 metres apart
at least
from one another

then, they said that we cannot travel
more that 2 km from our homes
and only then
for essential or medical reasons

now, we cannot leave our homes
a new law has been ratified
to make it a criminal offence

I know what they will say next
we must stay confined to one room
we must stay in a shower cubicle
we must stay in a wardrobe
until, finally
we must stay inside ourselves
which, honestly
is okay by me

There are others, about a whole range of things, all written in an accessible and uncomplicated way.

I have described Steve Denehan’s writing as poetry that stops time. His poems take you into the centre of moments where real life happens, and then his flawless writing takes your breath away. He is a master of showing the richness, complexity and beauty of everyday life. His poems have an accessibility and familiarity that makes you want to read them again and again. He is the best of contemporary poetry.

Susan Richardson, award-winning poet, author of Things my Mother Left Behind.

About the Author

Steve Denehan lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife Eimear and daughter Robin. He is the author of two chapbooks and two collections. Twice winner of Irish Times’ New Irish Writing, his numerous publication credits include Poetry Ireland Review, Acumen, Westerly and Into The Void. He has been nominated for Best of the Net, Best New Poet and has been twice nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

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