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Michael Joseph 8th July 2021

Book Description



At thirty-nine, Solene Marchand is a devoted mother, a dedicated colleague and a consideratee ex-wife.

But it’s a long time since she’s felt like herself.

So when someone comes along who seems to see her – to want her – for who she really is, the attraction is instant. And so begins a jet-setting, earth-shattering secret love affair.

But what if that someone is world – famous sex symbol Hayes Campbell? Captivating frontman of boy band of the moment August Moon – whose face is everywhere. Including Solene’s teenage daughter’s bedroom wall.

Can Solene allow herself to fall for the boy the whole world wants?

Or will she have to make a devastating choice?

My Thoughts

Thank you so much to the publisher for this proof copy of The Idea of You, publishing today and sure to be one of the books of the summer, already creating a storm over on Instagram this book is THE perfect beach read.

Solene, single mum approaching 40 reluctantly takes her daughter to a meet and greet with hot boy band August Moon, where she meets Hayes Campbell in a life changing moment unforeseen by both. What follows is a heady, passionate love affair, told in the first person voice of Solene, hugely conscious of the near 20 year age gap between her and her young lover, not to mention the fame that comes with that band.

Solene is beautiful, she is co owner of an art galley. She is affluent, glamourous, chic. But she is nearly 40, that age when womens value begins to decrease, along with their visibility and their worth. I am wording it crudely but there is a truth here that is widely explored in this excellent book.

Because on one hand this is a terrific escapist read about a beautiful, rich, love affair, the eligible boy superstar with an eye for an older woman, who hook up in the most glamourous locations, eating at the best restaurants and living that life. It seems perfect. But on so many levels it is not and that is the depth of this book, which captures the highs and lows of this coveted lifestyle, the trappings of money and fame but at what cost?

And back to Solene, this is her story and the first person narrative is excellent, her positioning as this desired woman but how she balances that and the impact is brilliantly told. The double standards and differing views of the desireability of men and women as they age, the judgement, the fandom. And social media… that toxic tool that we all love!

This book is layered, it is brilliant, it is hot and sexy, but it contains some all important messages and themes all packed up in this higly readable, immersive novel. Published today and a must read, or in the words of Clio Cornish, Editorial Director at Michael Joseph, ‘BUCKLE UP and Enjoy the Ride!

About the Author

Robinne Lee is an American actress and author who has appeared in hit movies such as Hitch, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Off screen she regularly speaks on panels and writes for trade magazines on the roles of women and actors of colour in the acting industry.

Robinne has also worked as an Editorial Assistant for ELLE Magazine, both in New York and Paris, interviewed many famous faces for the now defunct youth culture magazine, TELL, and previously ran a music management company.

Robinne was born and raised in Westchester County, New York, before going on to graduate from Yale University and Columbia Law School. As the daughter of Jamaican parents of African, Chinese and British descent, Robinne has long had an affinity for travel and the arts, just like her lead character Solene in this, her debut novel.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

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