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Michael Joseph Books 8th July 2021

Book Description

It’s the middle of the night. Your sister calls, crying and panicked. When you find her, she’s covered in blood…

Frannie, Cathy and Joe have always been close as siblings. They live next to each other, they work together, and when one of them is in trouble, they call the others.

But that night, on holiday in Italy, everything changes. Frannie has killed a man. Hit him with her car. She can’t go to jail, she has a baby – and this wasn’t her fault, not really.

So Cathy and Joe agree to help. She’s their sister. They bury the body, they lie to the police. But as their lies grow, their significant others become suspicious, and long-buried secrets come to the surface, their relationships are put through the ultimate test.

Who will crack first? Whose conscience will not be silenced? Or will these siblings prove that blood is thicker than murder?

My Thoughts

Firstly huge thanks to Sriya for inviting me to be involved with the blog tour celebrating publication of That Night and providing me with a proof copy of the book. With a sharp, legal mind, McAllister knows how to spin a plot so it was without hesitation that I said yes!

Oh my! Gillian McAllister has created a cautionary tale here, one mistake, one lie – a big one yes – covering up a death – an accident, but how things spiral!!! The Plants are a close knit set of siblings, unusually close although as the story progresses we begin to understand why. So it is no surprise to note their loyalty to one another, both Joe and Cathy immediately respond to Fran’s call for help, burying a body to protect their sister, who should’ve called for an ambulance but called her siblings instead. And then it was too late, the delay was suspicious. What else could they do?

This is a masterpiece of psychological suspence, for want of a better description! The lie weighs heavily on the siblings and this takes its toll as they track the investigation from afar. As more information comes to light their anxiety increases and holes emerge in the story told by Fran. Splits in the group emerge and their unity and loyalty is called into question as they begin to think of their individual role in the cover up and perhaps how to save themselves.

This book is a twisty read and it is a credit to the author that she kept me guessing throughout. Told in a then and now format, the now being the trial; told in the first person voice of one of the siblings – their identity cleverly disguised to keep the reader guessing! The then parts are told in the third person voice of either Joe or Cathy and begin at the time of the accident leading up to the trial until the narratives merge.

The story is plausible which is incredible given it begins with covering up a death, however the sense of panic for Fran is tangible, her anxiety and the desperation of all 3 siblings, who collectively make a bad decision in a pressured moment. From there they have no choice but to stick with the lie, digging a deeper hole as the lies continue to grow, weighted down by their own guilt.

A sharp and twisty psychological drama that is clever, gripping and tense. Recommended reading for lovers of crime fiction, domestic noir and psychological thrillers. As always, thanks for reading and happy reading!

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About the Author

Gillian McAllister has been writing for as long as she can remember. She graduated with an English degree before working as a lawyer. She lives in Birmingham, where she now writes full-time. She is the Sunday Times bestselling author of Everything but the Truth, Anything You Do Say, No Further Questions, The Evidence Against You and How To Disappear.

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