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Quercus Books July 22nd 2021

Book Description

Stella and Connie are strangers, brought together by two traumatic events – cruel twists of fate that happen thousands of miles apart.

Stella lives with her mother, a smothering narcissist. When she succumbs to dementia, the pressures on Stella’s world intensify, culminating in tragedy. As Stella recovers from a near fatal accident, she feels compelled to share her trauma but she finds talking difficult. In her head she confides in Connie because there’s no human being in the world that she feels closer to.

Connie is an expat living in Dubai with her partner, Mark, and their two children. On the face of it she wants for nothing and yet… something about life in this glittering city does not sit well with her. Used to working full time in a career she loves in England, she struggles to find meaning in the expat life of play-dates and pedicures.

Two women set on a collision course. When they finally link up, it will not be in a way that you, or I, or anyone would ever have expected.

My Thoughts

Thanks so much to Ella at Quercus for making contact and inviting me to be involved in this social media blast celebrating publication of The Image of You. And of course thank you for the proof copy of the book. I had enjoyed Blackberry & Wild Rose (review here) so unhesitatingly I agreed!

Told from the perspectives of both Connie and Stella, we hear Stella in the first person voice, Connie in the third. The book commences with Stella and this very much is her story. I was intrigued with her relationship with Connie, what was the connection? As Stella refers to her very early on. I had lots of ideas, but all so far off the mark!

Both women’s stories were interesting and engaging although completely different. Stella’s story is told looking back and as the book progresses things do become clearer. This was a remarkable book, one I honestly couldn’t put down. Original, informative, gripping – but tricky to review without giving much away!

Of note this is the second book I have read this month that explores the plight of migrant domestic workers, something I knew little about, but am pleased to see highlighted in fiction this way – Songbirds by Christy Lefteri also explored this (review here).

This book – The Image of Her by Sonia Velton I can’t recommend highly enough – fiction for anyone who likes reading! Available to buy now. Let me know in the comments if you have read this one, are planning to, or have I convinced you perhaps?

Thanks as always for reading!

About the Author

Sonia Velton grew up between the Bahamas and the UK. After graduating from university with a first class law degree, she qualified as a solicitor at an international law firm, later going on to specialise in discrimination law. Sonia relocated to the Middle East in 2006. Eight years and three children later she returned to the UK and now lives in Kent. Blackberry & Wild Rose, inspired by real characters and historical events, was Sonia’s first novel. The Image of Her is her second. Sonia lives near Tunbridge Wells with her three children.

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