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Pan Macmillan 28th April 2022

Book Description

Liv Brook is in shock,

She didn’t expect to get divorced.

She didn’t expect to swap her busy life in London for a crumbling cottage in the Yorkshire Dales.

And she certainly didn’t expect to adopt a scruffy old dog called Harry.

But life rarely goes according to plan. Then Liv and Harry start to meet the people around them; the old man who sits alone by the window, a boy afraid to go beyond his garden gate, and a teenager feeling angry with the world around her, and Liv realises that perhaps she’s not the only one feeling a bit lost.

And as their lives begin to intertwine, they’ll discover it’s true that life doesn’t usually work out like you think it will. Sometimes it’s even better.

My Thoughts

Thank you to the Publisher – Pan Macmillan for sending me a proof copy of this book. A highly enjoyable and uplifting read with a lovely central theme of always having one thing that makes us happy – it could be anything; a dog, a pizza, a smile from a stranger but key is finding happiness in one thing. Always.

For Liv her world comes crashing down when she discovers her husband of ten years is having an affair, he is leaving, he loves her no more. Making a drastic (and financial) decision she leaves London and heads to the Yorkshire Dales where she had happy childhood holidays with her Grandparents.

What follows is a beautiful and entertaining story of her healing journey, with a fragile rescue dog she begins making friends in her new village community. What evolves is a collective healing and recovery through friendships and connections, kindness and support.

This is a work of contemporary fiction (women’s fiction – not a term I use but maybe) and as such it didn’t hold a great deal of surprises. The magic however was in the characterisation and the tender and moving moments between these characters, the relationships formed and grew and everyone benefitted. There were sad moments but as part of a story about life and living. Ultimately this is a fantastic feel good read, it made me feel happy reading it and for that reason alone I think you should read it too!

For fans of Beth O’Leary’s The Switch or maybe Libby Page’s The Lido, this book fits in the same genre as those books so if you enjoyed them, then I am certain you will love this one too.

Thanks as always for reading.

About the Author

Alexandra Potter is the bestselling author of numerous romantic comedy fiction novels in the UK including Confessions of A Forty Something F**k Up and One Good Thing. These titles have sold in twenty-two territories and achieved worldwide sales of more than one million copies.

Yorkshire born and raised, Alex currently lives in south-west London with Mr California and their Bosnian rescue dog, and when she’s not spending time writing or travelling, she’s spending far too much time on Instagram being reminded that she should be exercising regularly, drinking enough water, practising mindfulness and feeling blessed.

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