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Viper Books (Paperback) 21/7/22

Book Description

Edith Twyford was a once world-famous children’s author, but now her legacy is the rumoured existence of the Twyford Code: a series of clues hidden in her books leading to… what? No one knows – but that hasn’t stopped the speculation.

Steven Smith can trace nearly all the bad things in his life to Edith Twyford. As a child he found one of her books, covered in strange symbols. He showed it to his teacher, Miss Iles, who was convinced it held the key to the code. Within weeks Miss Iles had disappeared, and Steve has no idea if she is dead or alive – or if she was right. Now he’s determined to find out.

But the Twyford Code hides secrets some would do anything to possess, and Steve isn’t the only one looking.

The race is on to solve the mystery of the century.

My Thoughts

Well, firstly thank you to the publisher for sending me a finished paperback copy of The Twyford Code, since reading The Appeal this has been high on my wishlist, you can read my review of The Appeal here.

And what to say next, Janice Hallet has done it again! What an incredible read, another book that places the reader at the forefront as detective, with clues offered throughout the book to solve a mystery. Could I do it? Of course not but I still had a fabulous time trying!

Steven, released from prison and determined not to got back records his story onto a phone, in 200 audio recordings, which at the beginning of the book are sent, by a police inspector to a professor to aid an investigation into a missing person. That’s all we know.

What follows is a fantastic story incorporating the life of Steven plus his efforts to solve the Twyford Code – conspiracy theorists seek to solve this code, convinced the author planted clues in her children’s stories. Everything is contained in the audio recordings including Steven’s thoughts plus conversations he has recorded with others. Incorporating the mysterious disappearance of Miss Iles and Steven’s own troubled childhood and progression into criminality, he seeks to unlock the code whilst also revealing his own background.

I love the original writing style in Janice Hallet’s books and the premise of a mystery which the reader is invested in trying to solve. Her stories have pace, aided by the use of dialogue, recording and a wholly interesting and original narrative. As mentioned earlier I don’t get close to solving the mystery and in truth I am blown away by the intricacies in this book and The Appeal and can’t even say how impressed I am by the writing and the mind of Janice Hallet.

With themes of WWII espionage and theft, an Enid Blyton type author and London gang activity this book has it all, the writing kept me turning the pages and I read this on the hottest day in history when frankly it was too hot to do anything but drink water and read an excellent book.

I highly, highly recommend this book and indeed this author I for one cannot wait for her next mystery to (not) solve!

Thanks as always for reading.

About the Author

Janice Hallett studied English at UCL and spent several years as a magazine editor, winning two awards for journalism. After gaining an MA in Screenwriting at Royal Holloway, she co-wrote the feature film Retreat. Her debut novel, The Appeal, was a Sunday Times bestseller, a Waterstones Thriller of the Month and Sunday Times Crime Book of the month, and her second, The Twyford Code, spent over a month in the hardback top ten. When not indulging her passion for global adventure travel, she is based in West London.

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