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Bantam Books 29th September 2022

Book Description

Grace is about to turn ninety. She doesn’t want parties or presents or fuss. She just wants to heal the family rift that has broken her heart for decades.

But to do this she must find her daughter, Alys.

Alys abandoned the family thirty years ago, in very painful circumstances. She hasn’t been heard of since.

Her daughter, Elin, has never forgiven Alys for leaving and always vowed she’d be a better mother herself.

But her daughter, Beca, is too busy navigating teenage life to worry about the family’s past – she has a secret of her own.

My Thoughts

Thank you so much to Alison Barrow for this stunning hardback proof of Love Untold which delightfully arrived with gold balloon and rice cakes – check out my instagram to see this fabulous package.

This is an epic story, that’s not a word I use often but truthfully I can’t think of a better word to describe this incredible family drama. At it’s heart is Grace, approaching 90, solid, kind, robust, wise and accepting of her family – an authentic family with troubles, ups and downs common to family life. Alys is estranged from the family and not a day goes by when Grace does not miss her and wonder what she is doing and where she is. Despite this hurt, Grace has strong bonds with Granddaughter Elin and Great Granddaughter Beca.

Told in the present day as the monumental birthday approaches, the book is divided into sections whereby the author takes us back to reveal the nature of relationships and in this way we fully get to know the character. The story flows and the ‘then and now’ format runs smoothly. The characters were vivid and engaging and I loved the writing. In Soozie I heard the voice of Ness from Gavin and Stacey, I think simply because of the Welsh dialogue, but this was a character I warmed to immensely. All of the characters were sympathetically written and likeable although I did struggle a little bit with Elin, however in this book I don’t think I was the only one!

Published today Love Untold is a fantastic read, it is a story about women and family, about mothers and daughters and their often complex relationships. Spanning a long lifetime there are themes in this book that I won’t spoil but the author effectively uses changing attitudes to explore these, forgiveness and acceptance are also key.

A treat of a book, so as the nights draw in and the cold chills then an early night with a book might be just the thing, and this is the perfect book!

Thanks as always for reading.

About the Author

Ruth Jones is best known for her outstanding and award-winning television writing, most notably BBC One’s Gavin and Stacey, which she co-wrote with James Corden and in which she played the incorrigible Nessa Jenkins. The most recent Christmas Day special of Gavin and Stacey gained national critical acclaim, drawing an audience of over 18 million, winning a BAFTA for TV moment of the year and a National Television Award for Impact, and gaining an RTS nomination for Ruth’s performance. Ruth also created and co-wrote Sky One’s Stella, which ran for six series. As well as being BAFTA-nominated for her role as the eponymous Stella, Ruth has starred in several other television comedies and dramas.


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