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Simon & Schuster Jan 5th 2023

Book Description

Have you ever wondered how normal you are?

What if you were perfectly average?

More than anyone else.

For Emily – it’s true. When she watches a documentary on the average human she sees her life. Her job, her hair, her favourite food. All of her – plainly, horrifically average. Even her blood group.

Right there and then, she decides she wants more.

She’ll travel the world (i.e venture out of her hometown)

She’ll become a vegan (It’s interesting to hate cheese, right?)

She’ll do something daring (As long as it’s safety tested)

Nothing will stand in the way of Emily living her best life. Not even Josh and his dimples.

Because she absolutely can’t fall in love… that would be far too ordinary.

And from now on, Emily is going to be extraordinary.

My Thoughts

I had the pleasure to hear Rebecca Ryan speak at a recent event, which only added to my excitement for this book, I was intrigued, but what I hadn’t realised was just how good this book was going to be. The reason being the author spoke about her book without spoilers and now the challenge is for me to do the same!

So Emily is in a bit of a slump, the reasons become clearer and what transpires is that she has been really very stuck for a long, long time. Determined to become more interesting, less ordinary she compiles a list, which she then seeks to action with some gritty determination at times. This is a story of acceptance, and self realisation and of recovery and it is told in a charming, warm and entertaining way.

The character of Emily is a little ‘klutzy’ – not a word I have ever used, but I think it fits here… she has an endearing habit of saying the wrong thing particularly when it comes to the ‘not love interest’ Josh.

In 426 pages the author has written a wonderful story, Emily is the heart but her family and her best friend Kaz are nothing short of incredibly, caring, affirming and loving to Emily who finds it hard to love herself or see much positive in her life. As the story progressed, Emily developed and became more involved in life and in doing so her strengths emerged for her and the reader.

Without spoilers this story, like most books in the romantic fiction genre has some strong and important themes which are explored sensitively and gently. I’ve said it before and I will keep on saying it; this is the strength of this genre – its ability to explore tough and difficult themes in a way that makes them accessible and readable.

A strong debut, which is available to buy now – look out for this one on shelves as it’s the perfect read to warm those January nights.

About the Author

Rebecca Ryan lives in Bradford with her husband and three young children. Although she always loved writing, it hadn’t really occurred to her that she could do it professionally. She recently left her job as a teacher to pursue writing full – time. She enjoys walking in the countryside and takeaways (if that counts as a hobby).

Thanks to Sara – Jade Virtue for inviting me to be involved with the blogtour and providing me with a finished copy of this delightful read. Check out who else is talking about this one, details below.


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