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Welbeck Publishing February 2nd 2022

Book Description

Katherine has everything under control.

After years of trying to conceive, she finally gives birth to Rose. This is her IVF miracle child, even if Rose’s pale skin doesn’t quite match Katherine’s own…

Tess never got her happy ending.

Alongside Katherine, she was part of a group of hopeful IVF mothers, but her daughter, Hanna, was stillborn. Divorced, broke and stuck in a dead-end job, she’s beginning to lose all hope…

But when Rose is nine months old, the women get a call from the fertility clinic. There was a mistake – their eggs were switched. It will take a custody battle like no other to decide who will get to be Rose’s mother, a battle that will push them both to the brink…

My Thoughts

Thank you to Margarida at Welbeck Publishing for my early proof copy of Hold My Girl. The premise appealed, I mean what an absolutely horrendous situation, that long awaited baby turns out not to be yours…

Two women Katherine and Tess are at the heart of this book, one happily married with her long awaited daughter, the other alone and sad following the stillbirth of her daughter. Until that call, inviting you in for a DNA test and everything changes.

Think for a moment, because its tough, but who is this child’s mother? The one who carried her and birthed her, has been raising her ever since, or the one who’s egg the child was born from. What a situation and in this fictional account those involved could not resolve this heartbreaking situation and a court case followed.

It was easy while reading this book to take the moral highground, of course they should share custody the more people loving this child the better, but add into that the emotional component, which the author captured so well and it feels impossible – how can two mums not be confusing, the risk of missing those firsts, the concept of sharing and what if the other mother is preferred. Add to this the rounded and complex lives of these women and one biological father and that is this book.

A sad, impossible dilemma explored sensitively in this character driven novel, the exposing nature of the court case and the temptation to win at all costs. The unique conversation about parenting and having a life suitable for this – a question rarely asked in most circumstances. A good read about a very difficult topic that is engaging and accessible.

Publishing February 2nd. Will you be reading this one – perfect for anyone who loves an impossible dilemma,

Thanks for reading as always.

About the Author

Charlene Carr is a lover of stories who has worked as a writer, editor, facilitator and run her own communications business. She currently lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she splits her time between writing and trying to keep up with the energy and antics of her young daughter. Charlene has self-published 10 books, Hold My Girl is her first traditionally published novel.


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