Finders Keepers by Sabine Durrant @HodderBooks @JennyPlatt90 @SabineDurrant @BloggersHut #FindersKeepers #TheClqrt #BookReview #BloggersHutRT #DomesticNoir #Fiction #SabineDurrant

Hodder & Stoughton July 2020 Book Description Brilliantly creepy and completely absorbing, Finders, Keepers follows the growing obsession between two neighbours and shines a ruthless spotlight on the vanities of modern middleclass urbanities. Ailsa Tilson moves with her husband and children to Trinity Fields in search of the new. New project - a house to… Continue reading Finders Keepers by Sabine Durrant @HodderBooks @JennyPlatt90 @SabineDurrant @BloggersHut #FindersKeepers #TheClqrt #BookReview #BloggersHutRT #DomesticNoir #Fiction #SabineDurrant


The Snakes by Sadie Jones #TheSnakes

Chatto & Windus ( An Imprint of Vintage) 2019 Book Description Bea and Dan, recently married, rent out their tiny flat to escape London for a few precious months.  Driving through France they visit Bea's dropout brother Alex at the hotel he runs in Burgundy.  Disturbingly, they find him all alone and the ramshackle hotel… Continue reading The Snakes by Sadie Jones #TheSnakes


Magpie Lane by Lucy Atkins @lucyatkins @ellakroftpatel @QuercusBooks #MagpieLane #Fiction #BookReview

2nd April 2020 Quercus Book Description Roaming through Oxford's secret passages and hidden graveyards, Magpie Lane explores the true meaning of family - and what it is to be denied one. When the eight year old daughter of an Oxford College Master vanishes in the middle of the night, police turn to the Scottish nanny,… Continue reading Magpie Lane by Lucy Atkins @lucyatkins @ellakroftpatel @QuercusBooks #MagpieLane #Fiction #BookReview


Between the Lies by Michelle Adams @MAdamswriter @headlinepg @annecater @lovedreadinthis #Betweenthelies #MichelleAdams #RandomThingsTours #BlogTour #BookReview

Headline books  E Book 12th July 2018 Paperback 10th January 2019 Book Description What would you do it you woke up and didn't know who you were? Chloe Daniels regains consciousness in hospital with no memory of how she got there.  She doesn't recognise the strangers who call themselves family.  She can't even remember her… Continue reading Between the Lies by Michelle Adams @MAdamswriter @headlinepg @annecater @lovedreadinthis #Betweenthelies #MichelleAdams #RandomThingsTours #BlogTour #BookReview


How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt @Janeshemilt @MichaelJBooks @lovedreadinthis #HowFarWeFall #JaneShemilt #BlogTour #BookReview

  Michael Joseph 28th June 2018 Book Description The Perfect Couple Meeting Albie gave Beth a fresh start - a chance to leave her past behind.  Now she has her new husband, an ambitious, talented young neurosurgeon. The Perfect Marriage Their marriage gives Beth the safe haven she's always wanted - with just one catch. … Continue reading How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt @Janeshemilt @MichaelJBooks @lovedreadinthis #HowFarWeFall #JaneShemilt #BlogTour #BookReview


The Other Woman @QuercusBooks @MeadOlivia @LWilsonCrime

Laura Wilson 2017 Quercus Books (Release date - October 5th 2017) The tagline ...'She wants what you have,' reeled me in and I am pleased to say this book lived up to all my expectations. From the cover - Sophie has an enviable life - beautiful house, successful husband, three healthy and talented children and the inevitable… Continue reading The Other Woman @QuercusBooks @MeadOlivia @LWilsonCrime