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Book Description

Are YOU the ultimate map reader?

Find out with over 200 fiendish puzzles!

Do you know your trig points from your National Trails?

Can you calculate using contours?

And can you fathom exactly how far the footpath is from the free house?

Track down hidden treasures, decipher geographical details and discover amazing facts as you work through this unique puzzle book based on 40 of the Ordnance Survey’s best British maps.  Explore the first ever OS map made in 1801, unearth the history of curious place names, encounter abandoned Medieval villages and search the site of the first tarmac road in the world.

With hundreds of puzzles ranging from easy to mind-boggling, this mix of navigational tests, word games, code crackers, anagrams and mathematical conundrums will put your friends and family through their paces on the path to becoming the ultimate map-master!

My Thoughts

Welcome to my stop on the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour organised by Tracey Fenton and featuring 12 days of terrific books, all great present ideas and really something for everyone.

But for today let me tell you about the Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book, now I do love a puzzle, I have special memories of being very young and ‘helping’ my Nanna with her word search, she caved in and bought me my own word search book and set in motion a life long love of puzzles.  And the Ordnance Survey Puzzle Book is a beauty, starting with a brief description, it is an attractive book, noticeably sturdy with pretty end pages and packed full of lots of unique puzzles.  The book has generated much interest in my house, with my husband and son (14) having a good look and tackling a couple of the puzzles before I even got a chance!  Enter my father, a self confessed fan of maps, with a decent collection of the OS variety, he was mightily impressed with this book, describing it as ‘lovely’ but it was the puzzles inside that caught his attention and kept his eye.

The puzzles themselves are obviously all centred around Ordnance Survey Maps, with questions on each map ranging from Easy to Challenging with Medium and Tricky in between.  The easy questions are easy and this makes the book accessible to anyone, indeed depending on ability several people could be tackling questions on the same page.  Each map is introduced with a brief story about its history which is both interesting and informative, particularly when the oldest map dates back to 1801 when the first Ordnance Survey Map was made.


A delightful puzzle book which would make a great Christmas present with wide ranging appeal, for me I will be doing the puzzles together with my children, encompassing quality time without electronic devices.  The Ordnance Survey Puzzle book would be a terrific Secret Santa gift, but I’m thinking my father may want a copy in his stocking come Christmas morning.

This is a blog tour so do check out the rest of the tour for some other superb bookish suggestions for Christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest (or a treat for yourself perhaps).


Many thanks as always for reading and thanks to Tracey Fenton for organising the tour and inviting me to be involved and to Trapeze Books for providing me with a copy of the book.


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