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4th Estate Books 24th September 2019

Book Description

For decades Demi Moore has been synonymous with celebrity.  From iconic film roles to high-profile relationships, Moore has never been far from the spotlight – or the headlines.

Even as Demi was becoming the highest paid actress in Hollywood, however, she  was always outrunning her past, just one step ahead of the doubts and insecurities that defined her childhood.  Throughout her rise to fame and during some of her life, Demi battled addiction, body image issues, and childhood trauma that would follow her for years – all while juggling a skyrocketing career and at times negative public perception.  As her success grew, Demi found herself questioning if she belonged in Hollywood, if she was a good mother, if she was a good actress – and, always, if she was simply good enough.

As much as her story is about adversity, it is also about tremendous resilience.  In this deeply candid and reflective memoir, Demi pulls back the curtain and writes freely about her career and personal life – laying bare her tumultuous relationship with her mother, her marriages, her struggles balancing stardom with raising a family, and her journey toward openheartedness.  Inside Out is a story of survival, success and surrender – a wrenchingly honest portrayal of one woman’s at once ordinary and iconic life.

My Thoughts

Thank you to 4th Estate Books for my copy of this memoir, I picked it up at a brilliant event which I talked about here.  That said it was on my wishlist, I remember loving some of Demi Moore’s early films, especially About Last Night and some years later, Ghost.  An iconic actress whose career has spanned several decades, this combined with 2 high profile marriages under her belt made me confident this would be an interesting read.

As with many autobiographies this was told in chronological order, so for me I found the beginning a bit slow as Moore recounted her early years.  That said her childhood was difficult with chaotic parents, frequent moves and later in adolescence a horrific event which took Moore years to process.

I much preferred the book once Moore began achieving acting success, as she recounted her experiences within the film industry, her relationships and her children.  I was surprised by some of her revelations, but I was overwhelmingly struck by her losses and her aloneness and actually, also her vulnerability.  There were aspects of her story which despite her success, beauty and riches were very sad.  The end of her relationships, especially with Ashton Kutcher, her estrangement from her mother and later her own children.  Her portrayal in the media often felt harsh although her relationship with Bruce Willis was in the most part heartwarming.

I enjoy a glimpse into the lives of famous people and while I am selective over my choices of autobiography, this was one I liked reading.  Moore wrote openly and honestly about her struggles, in love, with substances and her hurt.  Happier times were also documented but I was left with a sense of the actresses’ vulnerability.  Publicly she seems to be an unsympathetic figure, which she reflected on, with unfair media reporting at times.  Privately she appears now to have a strong network of friends and positive relations with her daughters, although this wasn’t always the case.  A life lived fully which made for an interesting and engaging read which I enjoyed and would recommend.

About the Author

Demi Moore is an actress, producer, director and activist.  She is known for her roles in St Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night, Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, G. I. Jane, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Margin Call, among many others.  Moore is also a cofounder of Thorn, a non-profit that builds technology to defend children from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking.  She lives in Los Angeles and Hailey, Idaho.

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