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Corgi 26th December 2019 (Paperback)

Book Description

Arden has just started university when she meets Mac – and quickly falls head over heels for the handsome, charismatic film lecturer.  Their love affair is dramatic, exciting and all consuming: the sort of thing you only see in the movies.  It couldn’t last.

But thirty years later, leading a very different life, Arden is visiting a friend in hospital when she suddenly comes across the man she never forgot.  Badly injured in an accident, Mac can only make brief references to the classic films they once watched together: Casablanca, A Star is Born, Pretty Woman among others… and they make Arden remember everything.

The bittersweet memories of their relationship help Arden reconnect with the world in a way she no longer thought was possible.

But will a movie-worthy love ever be hers again?

My Thoughts

A bittersweet love story told through the lens of the big screen.  Encompassing love in the form of passionate love as well as friendship, family and maternal love.  Told in the first person voice of Arden in a then and now format, Arden recaps her university days when she had a passionate and forbidden affair with Mac a lecturer.  Lost in life Arden is reawakened when she sees Mac in hospital whilst visiting a friend.  What follows is daily visits and remembering this affair that made her feel truly alive and special.

A character driven plot with a cast of likeable and engaging characters, this is a story of recovery and rediscovery.  An easy and accessible read but packed with wisdom on living the best life, a life lived in technicolour and not in black and white.  For Arden has had some knocks and it takes the unlikely encounter with silent Mac to bring colour back to her life and force her to think of who she once was and who she has become.

Heart warming and desperately romantic this was the perfect read to start the New Year with, full of hope and promise and inspiring me to be brave and perhaps make some changes I had been thinking about.  Definitely for film buffs who will love the frequent references to classic films and Arden and Mac reminiscing about their Top 10 films – the list which served as markers during their great love affairs.  Best described as Contemporary Fiction, Chick Lit, if you like, this is a book I highly recommend for being fun and uplifting as well as thought provoking and heartbreaking the perfect January read is out now in paperback.

Thank you to Emma @damppebbles for arranging this blog tour and inviting me to be involved and to Transworld Books for providing me with a copy of the book.  The details of others involved are below so please do check out what they are saying about You, Me and the Movies and let me know your thoughts, is this a book you will pick up? Or have you already read it?

About the Author

img_1725Fiona Collins grew up in an Essex village, and after stints in Hong Kong and London, returned to the Essex countryside where she lives with her husband and three children.  She has a degree in Film and Literature and has had many former careers including TV Presenting in Hong Kong, traffic and weather presenter for BBC local radio and film/TV extra.  you can find her on Twitter @FionaJaneBooks.




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