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Wellbeck Books 17th September 2020

Book Description

Fear has come to Helsinki, as a serial killer begins to enact brutal ritualistic murders – using a bestselling series of novels as inspiration.

Dedicated Detective Jessica Niemi begins a complex investigation but soon suspects the killer’s motives are more personal than they first appear.

But as she races to prove her theory and prevent another slaying, the lines between hunter and hunted blur and Jessica finds herself in mortal danger…

My Thoughts

With the reference to witches in the title this was my Halloween selection this year; a gritty Scandi crime thriller with leanings to the occult and some sinister killings. We meet Detective Jessica Niemi, a complex character tasked with solving these murderss but increasingly she seems to be involved, targeted perhaps? She has secrets of her own and as the book progresses more is revealed about Jessica, in part as we get to know her character but also through interspersed chapters dealing with an episode in her life 15 years previously.

This book was intricate with lots of attention to detail. A series of crimes happening within a short space of time, make for a fast paced read. That said the writing was accessible, the story was well told while also being gripping and easy enough to follow. At 500 pages this wasn’t a short book but I found myself steaming through it and struggling to put it down.

Fantastic crime fiction with a strong plot, a competent team of investigators with sufficient backstories to get the reader invested, a strong female lead – brave and autonomous with a skill in detective work and of course a set of sinister crimes, a tad gruesome in parts – be warned. This was on occasion a bit creepy which was exactly what I had hoped for in my Halloween pick. The plot was formulated well and read authentically, which for me is an important aspect of crime fiction – it needs to be believable and not too far fetched or driven by foolish character actions (mostly female characters, sadly – does anyone else find this frustrating?) Anyways this book ticked all the boxes for me, a gritty crime, a strong team of investigators and a tidy conclusion – there were aspects I solved – others I didn’t.

For fans of crime fiction, this is the first in a series and I am delighted to know there is more to come from Jessica Niemi and her team as this author certainly know how to tell a crime story! If you like M J Arlidge, M W Craven and Helen Fields do yourself a favour and grab yourself a copy of The Witch Hunter by Max Seeck. YOu heard it hear first!

Huge thanks to Maddie at Welbeck Publishing for sending me a proof copy of this book.

About the Author

Max Seeck is an author and screenwriter. His 2016 debut met with great critical acclaim and commercial success, establishing him as Finland’s most important thriller writer. The Witch Hunter has already sold in 38 territories, with a TV adaptation in production and more Jessica Niemi thrillers to come.

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