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22nd July Trapeze Books

Book Description

With followers numbering in the hundreds of thousands, a glamourous circle of friends and a famous boyfriend, the life that fitness influencer Cleo Ray has always wanted seems to be within her grasp.

But Cleo’s dream come true quickly becomes a nightmare when she finds herself implicated in the death of a young woman.

The victim was last seen renting a canoe with Cleo, just hours before her lifeless body was pulled from the peaceful waters of a serene mountain lake. With Cleo nowhere to be found, the authorities begin to suspect foul play and a warrant is issued for Cleo’s arrest.

When word gets out, Cleo is going viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Charged with murder, this social media star’s biggest platform is no longer instagram – it’s the witness stand…

My Thoughts

Thanks so much to Alainna at Orion for reaching out and offering me a finished copy of The Anatomy of Desire, it arrived yesterday, just as I was finishing my book, I picked this one up and barely put it down!

The Anatomy of Desire is actually a retelling of the 1925 novel An American Tragedy, I haven’t read that book but actually now am very tempted. Written entirely in a documentary format the story uses various key players to tell the story, including Cleo herself, her boyfriend, family and legal team as well as the local police and prosecutors. I love this style of writing, it feels very contemporary and for me totally absorbing.

The story is modern, a high profile murder investigation involving an, ‘influencer’, playing on the ‘truth and lies’ aspect of social media, with the possibility of exposure as a ‘fraud’ being a potential motive for murder for the prosecutors. The story unfolds from a range of perspectives as those involved contribute their views to the documentary. Court transcripts detail the cross examination of witnesses and emails give context to the relationship between Cleo (the accused) and Rebecca (the victim).

As well as the original writing format, the plot of this novel is very strong, complemented I think by the different perspectives from which it is told. The execution is excellent with a truly authentic final product.

This reads like true crime which was another appealing aspect for me and I enjoy fiction serenading as real life. For those of you who follow my blog you will have seen me raving recently about Joseph’s Knox’s True Crime Story (review here) which uses a similar writing format. If you’ve been around a bit longer you may recall me enthusing over Daisy Jones and the Six (reviewed here) – again the same format.

So to say I love this type of writing is an understatement, if like me you do too, then this book publishes on Thursday, make sure you grab your copy then! Highly recommended by me, a fantastic 5 star read to kick off my July!

Thanks as always for reading.

About the Author

L.R Dorn is the pen name for Matt Dorff and Suzanne Dunn. Matt is a Los Angeles native and graduate of the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts. Suzanne grew up in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and received a master’s degree form the University fo Chicago. They developed their collaboration while working as screenwriters in film and television.

The Anatomy of Desire is their debut novel.

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