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Michael Joseph 26th July 2018

Book Description

Stealing her sister’s life was only the beginning

Alvie Knightly flees Sicily for a suite at the Ritz after her not-so-playful sibling rivalry ends in murder.

Beautiful, spoiled Beth may be out of the way, but Alvie’s discovering what happens when you steal your twin’s identity

Especially now Beth’s body has been found.

The police aren’t the only ones Alvie has to worry about.  Her hot new boyfriend has vanished, along with every penny of their stolen riches.

But Alvie has never shied away from a challenge.  She pursues the traitor to Rome in a life-or-death game of cat and mouse.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned – but can Alvie get revenge before her own crimes catch up with her?

My Thoughts

 This was a fun frolic of a read with an outrageous lead character in Alvie.  I must say at the time of reading I did not realise this book was a sequel and part of a trilogy, Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know.  Set over the course of one week, the book’s opening line,

‘There’s something you should know before we go any further: last week was mad.’

This week is most definitely Bad, with Alvie livid that her lover and partner in crime Nino has left with a bag full of money and a Lamborghini.  Determined to find him and get her share of their stash we follow Alvie, in hot pursuit of Nino from London to Italy, via Romania in this highly entertaining caper.

Impulsive Alvie is a terrific lead character and her actions are guaranteed to shock and entertain in equal measure.  This book had me laughing out loud at some of Alvie’s mishaps and the overall experience was just pure fun.  Large sums of money add glamour to this story and Alvie is a classic ‘fur coat no knickers’ hero in this book as she traipses across Europe in Chanel and Prada.  The mob element provides the tension to Alvie’s chic.

Set over seven days this book is fast paced as I suspect the trilogy is.  This adds to the entertainment factor as Alvie is fast, she doesn’t think she just acts.  Told in the first person, the voice is all Alvie – sarcastic, offensive, witty, funny. it really is an experience to be on this rollercoaster ride with this tough and reckless lady at the helm.

A great fun read that will have you laughing on your lounger this summer.  Worth reading the first book Mad before this one if possible I think as this is one big adventure in the life of Alvie. and the story in Mad picks up right where Bad left off.  I’m looking forward to reading Dangerous to Know to find out what happens next after what can only be described as a shocker of an ending! Crazy and outlandish in line with the book, but shocking all the same.

Sizzingly glamourous Guardian

The must-have beach read this summer Telegraph

A fast-paced tale of sex, lies and murder…Sex and the City dialled up several notches Stylist

This is a blog tour, details below.  Huge thanks to Katie at Michael Joseph for inviting me to be involved and providing a copy of the book.


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