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Harper Collins October 2019

Book Description



Beth shows that women really can have it all.

Ruby lives life by her own rules

And then there’s

Lauren, living the dream


Beth hasn’t had sex in a year.

Ruby feels like she’s failing

Lauren’s happiness is fake news.

And it just takes one shocking event to make the truth come tumbling out… 

My Thoughts

Firstly special thanks to Tandem Collective Marketing Agency for inviting me to participate in an Instagram readalong for this book and to Harper Collins for providing me with a copy of the book.  I was keen to be involved because I absolutely loved The Cows by Dawn O’Porter finding it such an original, insightful and bold piece of fiction.  You can read my review here.

So Lucky is similarly insightful, original and bold, detailing the lives of 3 women living their lives while masking secrets and insecurities.  Yes there are some similarities to The Cows, Dawn O’Porter writes well about the lives and experiences of women.  She is spot on with the pressures and expectations of women and certainly for me there were aspects of the story that resonated.

In So Lucky the theme is very much, ‘all is not as it seems’, the notion that others lead perfect lives, perpetuated by social media, and the frequent utterance, ‘So Lucky’ characterise this book.  3 key characters’ stories are told – Lauren an ‘Influencer’ charting her life on Instagram and making a fortune vis the companies she markets on her account.  Looking immaculate and seeming to be living the perfect life as she plans her marriage to her handsome millionaire CEO boyfriend.  She really is So Lucky.

Ruby is a retoucher, she promotes the image of perfection, but despises herself for her role in this perception.  She hides a secret that impacts every aspect of her life including her ability to parent.  And then there is Beth, a wedding planner trying to have it all.  Straight back at work organising the Lauren’s wedding of the year, weeks after giving birth.  Her husband has paternity leave and Beth is often told she is, ‘So Lucky’.  She feels anything but – all is never as it seems.

Told as 3 stories, these 3 women’s lives become familiar to the reader as we learn their deepest secrets.  Their stories cross as the book progresses and while their meeting is not a huge surprise, there are some nice links with other characters that shape the stories and add layers.

The writing is terrific, with Dawn O’Porter never shying away from taboo topics, she writes about women for women, tackling issues many would find it too difficult to share.  And it is this way of writing that makes this book such an empowering female read.  While the characters are not especially likeable, they have issues and insecurities which make them relatable and witnessing them survive and indeed grow is uplifting.

I read this book as part of a readalong and I think everyone really enjoyed the writing.  I loved the book and will be recommending it widely, as I already do with The Cows.  Will you be adding this one to your bookshelf?

About the Author

Dawn O’Porter lives in Los Angeles with her husband Chris, her two boys Art and Valentine, her cat Lilu and dog Potato.

Dawn started out in TV production but quickly landed in front of the camera, making numerous documentaries that included immersive investigations of polygamy, size zero, childbirth, free love, breast cancer and the movie Dirty Dancing.  Further TV work included This Old Thing, a prime-time Channel 4 show celebrating the wonders of vintage clothing.

Dawn’s journalism has appeared in multiple publications and she was the monthly columnist for Glamour magazine.  She is now a full time writer of six books – although she would probably have written sixteen if it wasn’t for her addiction to Instagram Stories.

Most recently, Dawn has written the script for Especially for You a jukebox musical using the infamous Stock Aitken Waterman back catalogue.  She is also interviewing a variety of guests for her new ‘So Lucky’ podcast series.


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